Eye Packages

Self Pay Surgical Packages

An ophthalmologist is a medical doctor who has undertaken additional specialist training in the diagnosis and management of disorders of the eye and visual system.

Royal Australian and New Zealand College Ophthalmologists, 2021.

Our rapid path to treatment program provides surgical management for the following conditions

Cataract Surgery

  • One single surgery fee
  • The total price advertised is for the surgery, anaesthetics, and hospital fees associated with this procedure.
    Additional fees will be payable to your specialist for consultation and follow-up appointments.

  • Reduced waiting times for
    consultation & surgery
  • Your expected hospital admission is same day

Bilateral Cataract Surgery

  • One single surgery fee
  • The total price advertised is for the surgery, anaesthetics, and hospital fees associated with this procedure.
    Additional fees will be payable to your specialist for consultation and follow-up appointments.

  • Reduced waiting times for
    consultation & surgery
  • Your expected hospital admission is same day

Frequently Asked Questions

Our rapid path to treatment program provides patients access to surgery in an Australian private hospital through payment for the surgery themselves. This is commonly referred to as being 'self-insured'. 


To be a suitable candidate, during your first consultation with your surgeon, they will have advised that surgical intervention is recommended. If you do not have private health insurance and wish to have your surgery performed in a private hospital or you do not want to wait a long period to have your treatment performed in the public hospital setting, then this pathway may be a suitable option for you.


Our team have worked on ensuring the total package fees create transparency of costs and allow you to decide whether you can afford to pay for your treatment by yourself. 

The Rapid Path to Treatment packages are a fixed cost, which includes the following items:


 Surgeon fee


 Anaesthetist fee 


 Assistant fee (not applicable for ophthalmology or ENT)


 Hospital fee (surgery and overnight stay, where applicable)


 Prothesis used during surgery, such as staples in weight loss surgery, or the artificial knee used in knee replacement surgery


 Any pathology or radiology completed whilst admitted to hospital


 Medications that are provided whilst admitted to the hospital


In-hospital Overnight Stay if deemed clinically necessary for your procedure


 Your initial follow-up consultation with your surgeon after surgery


 Rapid Path To Treatment Program Fee



The package fee does not include the following:


Initial surgeon consultation fees 


Any pathology or radiology completed outside of your hospital admission


Discharge prescriptions or medications (except for ophthalmology which is included)


Any fees associated with future hospital readmission(s) should a complication arise


Your post operative visit with your Surgeon within 4 weeks after surgery.

Our Rapid Path to Treatment program is founded on transparency; the single price for your proposed surgical procedure is paid as ONE BILL to the hospital.

Our hospital accepts Cash, VISA, Mastercard, or Bank cheque. We do not accept personal cheques or AMEX.

For some procedures, you may be able to access your superannuation which can be discussed with your treating surgeon.


Financing options are available. To find out if you are eligible, click here.


For more information on paying for your treatment, please call our team on 1800 167 846.

Yes, based on the surgical program you are enquiring about, our team will provide information on the specialists participating in the program. 


The specialist you are referred to will be your specialist for the entire treatment episode, from initial consultation to the hospital and aftercare. 


Our specialists are experienced and qualified surgeons accredited at the hospital and governed by the surgical standards set out by the Royal Australian College of Surgeons or the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists. 

Our qualified team of specialists participating in this program will thoroughly assess each patient at their initial consultation, as with any other consultation. 


If your specialist believes you are not clinically suitable for treatment, they will provide you with alternative treatment options, either conservative or surgical. However, it is important to note that these may not be part of this Rapid Path to Treatment program. 

Our Rapid Path to Treatment programs are built on providing patients with quick and streamlined access to the care they need. 


We pride ourselves on short waiting times. Our patient program coordinator will facilitate your appointment, aiming to secure your seen within two weeks of your enquiry. 


Your specialist will liaise closely with our patient program coordinator and East Sydney Private Hospital to ensure that your treatment can be undertaken within a short timeframe. 

Full payment for surgery is required at least one week prior to your scheduled admission date to hospital, and this will be one single fixed fee. 


This single fee includes the hospital’s costs for the surgery, the surgeon fee, the anaesthetist fee, the assistant fee (if appropriate), in-patient medications, in-patient radiology, in-patient allied health services (as appropriate for your treatment) and RPTT program fee. 


Please note that the package does not include your discharge medications and initial consultation fee with your specialist. 


OPTHALMOLOGY: The cost of discharge medication for cataracts is included with the ophthalmology package. 

Yes, for patients with a valid medicare card, you will receive a small rebate from Medicare for the specialist’s services; however, this rebate depends on the procedure you will be having. Your specialist will discuss what Medicare rebate you may be entitled to at your initial consultation. 


Following your procedure, our accounts team will provide you with an itemised invoice acknowledging that payment has been made to allow you to complete a medicare claim based on the relevant item numbers. 


Our accounts team can be contacted on 1300 017 888 and selecting option 4 or by emailing accounts@rapidpathtotreatment.com.au 

Following your discharge from the hospital, if you have any concerns or problems, please call the number provided by the hospital you are admitted into. For after-hours support, your specialist will provide you will a contact number. 


Within a few days of discharge from the hospital, you will receive a follow-up call from one of our team members to ensure your experience was positive. 


Following surgical care, you will be required to attend a follow-up consultation; this is included in your package fee; please ensure you have this date secured. 


If you have any clinical concerns with onset of symptoms or are in pain, you should immediately contact your specialist’s clinic or visit your closest public hospital emergency department for medical assistance. 

All medical procedures carry a risk of complication, during your initial consultation with your treating surgeon these should be discussed.