Understanding Tonsils

The tonsils are  that sit at the back of the mouth, and form part of your immune system trapping some of the germs that enter your body via your nose or mouth.

The surgical removal of tonsils, also referred to as a tonsillectomy, is one of the most common surgical procedures among children and teenagers, with over 48,000 performed annually in Australia. As such, the waiting list for surgery in public hospitals for tonsil surgery can be up to 375 days.

Symptoms that may require the removal of Tonsils

The reasons for tonsil removal can differ slightly between adults and children.

In children, the common reasons for tonsil removal include;

  • Enlarged Tonsils, possibly causing sleeping or swallowing difficulties
  • Recurrent Infections


In adults, the common reasons for tonsil removal include;

  • Enlarged Tonsils, possibly causing sleeping or swallowing difficulties
  • Recurrent Infections
  • Presence of Tonsil Stones, causing discomfort and bad breath


An insight into Tonsillectomy Surgery

It is always best to discuss with your general practitioner to discuss what is the best treatment option is for you.

If you, or your child have been referred for a tonsillectomy and would like to speak with one of our surgeons participating in our Rapid Path to Treatment program, call 1800 167 846 or complete the form below, and our team will contact you within two business days.


Removal of Tonsils

  • One single surgery fee
  • The total price advertised is for the surgery, anaesthetics, and hospital fees associated with this procedure.
    Additional fees will be payable to your specialist for consultation and follow-up appointments.

  • Reduced waiting times for consultation & surgery
  • Your expected hospital admission is same day

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What's Included, & what isn't included

The Rapid Path to Treatment packages are a fixed cost, and the price will include the following:

Specialist Surgery Fee

Hospital Surgery Fee

Anesthetist Surgery Fee

Pre-admission clinic consultation with general physicians if clinically necessary

Medications provided for use during your hospital admission

Prosthesis and disposable equipment used in surgery

In-hospital Overnight Stay if deemed clinically necessary for your procedure

Access to a dedicated Nursing hotline, (02) 9001 2065, for on-demand support and advice when you need it following your return home after surgery

1 bulk billed post op follow up consultation (if you have a Medicare card)

Rapid Path To Treatment Program Fee

What is NOT include:

Initial consultation with your surgeon

Discharge prescriptions or medications

Any accommodation costs incurred to access your hospital, including airline, hotel stays, and transport fees.

Any diagnostics such as pathology and radiology imaging for diagnosis or completed in an out-patient setting

Any hardware and disposable surgical equipment used during your surgery deemed clinically necessary but was not included in your initial informed financial consent

*Our goal is to include as much care as possible in our price. Though, certain things are not included as they may not be necessary for the procedure or other reasons, such as an overnight stay in the hospital. Our team aims to ensure that you or your nominated next kin is made aware of any additional charges that may be incurred outside of the bundle package you proceed with; informed financial consent will be provided should this occur.